Talaga Paski

The company was born out of the family tanning traditions of Zembrzyce, which still rely on extensive experience. Since 1992 we have been mainly producing leather belts for women, men and young people. We supply them in a wide range of colours and designs.

We strive to develop constantly, improve and expand our range. We also fulfil individual orders, often according to the customer's designs and specifications.

About the production

Tanning traditions of the families of the founders of Talaga Belts date back to the early 20th century. Situated in the Skawa River valley, Zembrzyce is famous for leather products, and its inhabitants have gained extensive experience in production over decades. For nearly 30 years, our company has been focusing on the production of belts and combines the latest technology with precise, manual work in the process.

How is a belt made?

The process begins with a strip of leather, which is cut by a cutter into strips of the right length. Then the strips slowly begin to resemble a belt, but are wider than the actual dimensions - only trimming of the two glued layers, face and bottom, guarantees even and smooth edges. Then the pieces go through the assembly department, the strips are glued together and cut to the right length. The loops are prepared. The leather is glued to suede and cut to the right width and length.

The next step is to trim the belt and loops on the sewing machine, and then with the use of templates punch and fitting marks are put on the belt. Punching is done by machine and then the buckle is fastened with screws. After these preparations, the belt is subjected to quality control, after which it is labelled and packed.

If you are interested in cooperation or have any questions, please contact us:

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